The MMTG Boys vs Girls Competition

September 25th 2017


Given the theme of this years show, we decided to hold a little competition running all through this show year, with the men and women of MMTG going head to head with each other to settle the age old battle of the sexes.

This competition will see many different stages, the first of which was held at the beginning of September in the form of a good old fashioned sports day at the park. Eggs were firmly in place on spoons and ankles were held firmly in place for the days festivities, and we even managed to sneak in a game of rounders. It was a fantastic day, with a brilliant turnout, plenty of food and laughter and an early lead for the boys team.

The second event will be a night at the bowling alley, hosted at the beginning of October. We'll be competing to see who has the best pins (cheeky) and who can strike it lucky and score points for their team.

Stay tuned for updates as this highly anticipated competition continues through the year!